Saturday 3 April 2010

Sydney Atheists Podcast: Jamie Kilstein interview

The Sydney Atheists Podcast is back, with a very special interview with comedian Jamie Kilstein.
Download the show here
Jamie is a stand-up comedian from New York who co-hosts the Citizen Radio podcast, featuring political comedy and stellar interviews. He is currently starring in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Sydney Atheists members often organise group trips to see Jamie's shows when he visits Sydney.
This episode was recorded in Melbourne the day after Jamie's frenetic set at the Rise of Atheism: 2010 Global Atheist Convention. Performing before Dan Barker and Richard Dawkins, the set split sides and raised eyebrows.
In an hilarious interview, Jamie shares his experience of gigging at the largest ever gathering of nonbelievers, his own path to atheism, his thoughts on the movement of organised atheists, the reception of his material in Australia, his tattoos and much, much more.
This unmissable interview was recorded by Dave The Happy Singer for the Skeptic Zone podcast, who released an edited version in Skeptic Zone episode 76. The full uncut interview was too good to go unreleased so we're proud to release it here at Sydney Atheists by kind permission of the 'Zone.
Find out more about interviewing Jamie Kilstein at the Global Atheist Convention on Dave's blog.


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