Wednesday 30 June 2021

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Friday 25 June 2021

Census 2021



How you can encourage others to mark 'No Religion'

On the 10th of August, a census is being conducted to collect important data on the circumstances and attitudes of the Australian people.

Your friends and family will be asked if they hold religious beliefs, and it’s an important chance for them to think carefully about whether they still do.

When you're talking to them about marking ‘No Religion’ at census time, here are five good reasons you may want to put forward.

  1. Let’s get it right – The Australian Census is only held every five years and it collects important data on our nation. It’s critical that we get it right.
  2. Fairness in public funding – When religious organisations are attributed more support than they actually have, they receive an unfair amount of public funding.
  3. Fairness in voice and influence – Incorrect data also gives religious organisations a stronger voice and more influence than they actually deserve.
  4. Let’s be honest – Australians deserve honest answers about the views we hold towards religion.
  5. Do it for yourself – Marking ‘No Religion’ in this year’s census can be a moment of personal clarity and liberation for yourself.

We’re committed to making sure we get this census right, and we’d love everyone to join our campaign to help to spread the message.


Once you’ve signed up, we’ll provide you with further resources, tools and messages you can use to speak to family and friends, or to show your support through social media.

Also, why not help us further by sharing this email with your friends and family and asking them to sign up?

Thank you so much for your support.

Sydney Atheists and the Census - No Religion campaign team

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Thursday 10 June 2021

Census 'No Religion'

We need your help to get Census 2021 right.

Dear Sydney Atheists

On the 10th of August, Australia will conduct a census to collect vital data about the circumstances and attitudes of the Australian people, including beliefs about religion.

Despite our close cultural similarities, just 30.1% of Australians marked ‘No Religion’ compared with 48.2% of New Zealanders.

This discrepancy may be because many Australians simply mark that they belong to a religion when in fact they no longer really practise or hold those religious beliefs. Census data is used by the government and other organisations to make important decisions.

Misrepresentation of religious belief in Australia means that religious organisations receive an unfairly high level of public funding.

They are given a stronger voice and more influence in public affairs and the media than they actually deserve.

That’s why we’re launching the Census 2021 – Not religious? Mark ‘No Religion’ campaign, and we’re proud to have Adam Spencer join us to encourage Australians to complete the Census in a way which truly reflects their beliefs.

If you think it’s important that the religious beliefs of Australian’s are accurately represented, we invite you to join our campaign.

If you would like to stop religious leaders interfering in the lives of others, we invite you to join our campaign.

The first step is to visit the website constructed by an array of freethought groups. The link is at the bottom of this email. At the website you can watch the campaign unfold. You can donate to the campaign through the 'donate' page.

If you sign up to the campaign on the website, we’ll be in touch about how you can get involved and take action.

Together, let’s get Census 2021 right.

Thank you for your support.

Sydney Atheists and the rest of the 'The Census 2021 – No Religion campaign' team

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