Wednesday 26 November 2008

World Catholic Youth Day Cost

So it looks like in the washup of World Catholic Youth Day, it's cost the State of New South Wales ( and me as taxpayers) in excess of $100M. Not a bad 'handout' to another privileged religious organisation:

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Some Muslim leaders condone rape

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Monday 17 November 2008

New book - The End of Biblical Studies

Anyone interested in biblical scholarship might like to read a review of the latest book by Hector Avalos at

Avalos is a respected Havard trained biblical scholar at Iowa State. Here's the general thrust of his latest book: "... academic biblical scholarship has clearly succeeded in showing that the ancient civilization that produced the Bible held beliefs about the origin, nature, and purpose of the world and humanity that are fundamentally opposed to the views of modern society. The Bible is thus largely irrelevant to the needs and concerns of contemporary human beings.... Avalos argues that our world is best served by leaving the Bible as a relic of an ancient civilization instead of the 'living' document most religionist scholars believe it should be. He urges his colleagues to concentrate on educating the broader society to recognize the irrelevance and even violent effects of the Bible in modern life."

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Monday 10 November 2008

Clean feed or Church feed?

The Federal government plans to censor the internet down to the level of a 5 year old child. Senator Conroy is basing this on a Church-circulated petition that he brought to parliament: Petitions to parliament drove ALP’s Internet filtering policy

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The Rapture Is Coming!

A great list of all the times in history that the world was supposed to end, as well as details as to what they did about it, and what happened to the believers after the world kept on existing :)

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Sunday 9 November 2008

Dangers of religion

Marcus Brigstocke - Comedy Genius

Probably the funniest atheist rant in existence :)

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Friday 7 November 2008

Critical Mass

Critical Mass is the blog of Alan and Rachel. Sydney Atheists are proud to have Critical Mass as a major contributor.

You can see all the Critical Mass content at

Or, visit the original site at

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Sunday 2 November 2008

Critical Mass Podcast

Critical Mass podcast MP3

On the show are Anthony, Ian, Dave and Alan

We talk about

  • What the Sydney Atheists have been up to

  • What we're all about

  • Religion invading schools

  • Kevin Rudd's argument from design

  • The London buses

Also, Dave does the topical song, 'On the buses'

Check it out now!

Podcast #1 out now!

The first Critical Mass podcast is available now!

You can get to it via this site,

or you can just download the file here (high quality 47 MB) or here (med quality 23 MB)

On the show are Anthony, Ian, Dave and myself

We talk about
  • What the Sydney Atheists have been up to

  • What we're all about

  • Religion invading schools

  • Kevin Rudd's argument from design

  • The London buses

Also, Dave does the topical song, On the buses 'Freethought Bus'

Check it out now!

You can subscribe to it by clicking the feedburner link at the top of the page.

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