Friday 7 November 2008


Why might you be interested in Sydney Atheists?

Tired of religious dogma?

Want your kids to grow up able to think critically and have open minds?

Looking for positive secular values?

Feeling under-represented or ignored on important social issues?

Then welcome to Sydney Atheists!

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision is of a society that lives and grows through evidence-based reasoning and secular values.

Our mission is to be:

  • an active atheist resource for the people of Sydney,

  • an open and welcoming community for atheists and atheist-friendly people

We work through education, supporting secular charities and by representing the voice of reason in public debate. We also get together to celebrate life and have fun!

Our values are:

  • an open and inquiring attitude;

  • evidence based reasoning;

  • inclusiveness and diversity; and

  • respect, compassion and goodwill.

How we work

We hold regular get togethers:

  • talks starting 6 pm on the second Sunday evening of every month at different pubs; and

  • social lounges starting 6:30 pm on the last Thursday evening of every month (venue changes).

We also promote secular education for all and we run events where we all chip in to do things like support charity work. We are an open organisation led by a Committee whose job it is to enable us all to express ourselves as atheists and atheist friendly people, do good community work and have fun.

Major activities in the pipeline

We are currently planning an advertising campaign intended to make sure people know they can be good without gods.

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