Saturday 13 March 2010

Global Atheist Convention: Friday

Wow! What a huge day!Last night was the first official event of the Global Atheist Convention, but our day started much earlier, at the 'Bloggers' breakfast', where we met up with a number of friends (including the always amazing Dave the Happy Singer) and were lucky enough to have PZ Myers make an appearance! (and had his first taste of vegimite off a consecrated cracker).
From the breakfast, we headed to a meeting where some big new ideas for the future of atheists in Australia... More on that later...
After lunch, it was go go go again, and we were off to the Pharyngula meetup, which was packed to such an extent that you couldn't move! Again' PZ mingled and chatted with his fans. It's great that such a celebrated person is so humble and approachable.
From there we headed over to the convention centre for the opening night, which was amazingly well attended. At this point, it became impossible to recognise that we were a part of the largest atheist event the world has seen. And its such an amazing feeling to be amongst it!
The night's speakers included David Nicholls, with an opening address; Sue-Ann Post, whose comic presentation had us in stitches; Mark Tier, who gave an informative, but poorly placed (between two comedians) talk; and Catherine Deveney, who brought the house down with her thought provoking and wonderfully funny style.
All in all, the opening night was a complete success after which, the attendees broke up into small groups of heathens intent on drying the kegs of Melbourne. We joined the Melbourne Atheists' after party and enjoyed good food, the company of friends new and old, and a steady flow of booze long into the night.

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Friday 12 March 2010

Pre-Con drinkies

Tonight AC Grayling and Russell Blackford gave a talk around the 50 Voices of Disbelief. We got there a little late (oops!) but it was good all the same.
Topics included religion and sexuality, Australia's leaders' religious convictions and lots of status quo secular stuff.
We had a good time and met up with a few people we know online, then went to a mate's pub for dinner.After dinner, we met up with a group of other atheistcon attendees for drinks and socialising. We met a lot of new people and heaps of online friends, which is always heaps of fun.
As always seems to happen at these kinds of things, time flew, and we had to move on to another pub for more drinks, chat and laffs and before long it was 2am and time to retire.
Well, now we're back at the hotel and need to get an ounce of sleep before tomorrow, which starts with the bloggers' B'fast, which melts into a lunch meeting, then a PZ talk and Pharyngula doo before registration and official Atheist Con B's and P's, after which there'll be drinks, drinks and more drinks... Phew! I don't have a clue when we'll get a chance to sleep, but it'll be worth it!
Btw, the pic's from the PreCon Pub meetup. Appropriate, I feel...

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Wednesday 10 March 2010

Hit the ground running

Wow. What a night! After flying in yesterday afternoon we took a wander about town. I particularly liked the quirky little arcades full of cool coffee and clothes shops. It feels very European.After pub hopping from gem to gem, and a rather unsuccessful trip to a closed comedy venue, followed by a quick beer in a pub so bad even Jack the Ripper would be cautious about entering, we met up with Fleur (one of the nicest people on the planet!) and went to a couple of chic cocktail bars.
The pic is from the Croft Institute, which has a sciencey theme to it. (test tubes and quirky experiment stuff adorns the place), after which we went to 1806 for some of the coolest cocktails I've ever seen.
From that point on, its a bit of a blur, but it was a great night. Today we're being tourists and a few mates are getting here for the GAC.

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Tuesday 9 March 2010

And we're off!

Well, we're just about to leave for Melbourne for the Global Atheist convention. I'm so excited! We're going to meet so many people, from speakers to our social media friends.
If you're coming, make sure you catch us and say hi. Its going to be a whirlwind with all the stuff that's going on, but I know its going to be a blast!
Oh, and sorry for not getting the 'who's who' thing done... I'm lazy, unfocused and addicted to Xbox...
I'll do my best to blog the event, and you can keep up with our activity on Facebook, twitter (@zombiealan and @sydneyatheists plus #atheistcon) tweet me to meet me!
See you all at the con!

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