Sunday 4 April 2010

Global Atheist Convention speeches to download

Natasha Mitchell on her "All In The Mind" program on Radio National has been broadcasting the talks of the speakers at the recent Global Atheists Convention in Melbourne. She has been posting the podcasts and transcripts both on her blog and on the show website. You can download audio of PZ Meyers, Richard Dawkins, Peter Singer and AC Grayling below:
PZ-Myers-260 Biologist PZ Myers on "The Inescapable Conflict Between Science and Religion" (Part 1 updated 1 April)

Richard-Dawkins-260  Zoologist Richard Dawkins on "How do I misunderstand thee? Let me count the ways" (full presentation)

Peter-Singer-260 Australian philosopher Peter Singer on "Ethics without Religion" (only a short excerpt of Peter's presentation was recorded, and it is a little distorted)

Here is the full version of Philosopher A.C Grayling's presentation on "Atheism, Secularism, Humanism: Three Zones of Argument".
Check back as she broadcasts more of the talks.
All In The Mind
Saturday 1pmNatasha Mitchel
repeated Monday 1pm

Presented by Natasha Mitchell

Originally posted by Ian Woolf

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