Saturday 22 October 2016

Coming out of Bangladesh - a Muslim and Hindu find atheism

Friday 11th November

Over the last two years many secular and atheist Bangladeshi writers and bloggers have been hacked to death by Islamic extremists who will not tolerate any questioning of Islam. Many such people fear for their lives both in and outside of Bangladesh regardless of their original religion. Our speakers this evening have escaped this threat.
Shakil and Shubhajit are formally Muslim and Hindu. They will discuss life in Bangladesh, their path to atheism, the impact on their social and family relationships, the history and position of religion in the country and the place of atheists in Bangladesh.
The takings from this evening will be donated to people / organisations like our speakers, who are trying to escape the predicaments that they find themselves in. This is an evening not to be missed.
Entry to this event will be $5.00 for supporter members of Sydney Atheists and $10.00 for non supporter attendees. Annual Supporter membership is only $20. To become a supporter member, please go to:

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