Wednesday 7 January 2015

The secret lives of Galaxies: The Milky Way is a Cannibal - Geraint Lewis

The Universe is filled with a rich structure; planets, stars and galaxies. But where did all of this structure come from? In this talk we’ll take a look at the evolution of structure in the Universe, from its birth in the Big Bang to now, seeing how galaxies have grown over time. But in our search for our origin reveals some uncomfortable truths about our own Milky Way, showing it to be a voracious cannibal.These secrets are also showing that we don’t know as much about the Universe as we suppose, and we might need to rethink the actual nature of the Cosmos. 

About Professor Geraint Lewis: Geraint is Professor of Astrophysics and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow Sydney Institute for Astronomy. He is also an Associate Head for Research in the School of Physics at Sydney University

Slides can be downloaded from Meetup.

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