Saturday 15 June 2013

"From Islam to disbelief"

Oh what a night! The room was packed like never before. The anticipation was palpable. In the end, the evening didn't want to stop.

It was sad that one of our speakers had to pull out because the Islamic authorities of her birth country had her under surveillance for being involved with atheists.

That aside, our four speakers from Lebanese, Bangladeshi, Shiite and Turkish backgrounds informed and entertained us in a most unique way. The audience was captivated with their stories and experiences coming out of Islam to the enlightenment that atheism brings.

On behalf of their fellow thinkers at Sydney Atheists, I would like to thank and congratulate Fadi, Hossain, Ax and Semih for their talks last night.

Our next talk "From Hinduism to disbelief" will take place on Friday the 12th of July

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