Saturday 29 June 2013

ATTENTION Change of venue and time


   Change of venue and time

 Friday, July 12  Monthly talks

 Dinner will be available from 6.00pm 

 whilst the talks will begin at 7.00pm

         Dinner and the talks will be at

 Strattons Hotel 249 Castlereagh Street Sydney
Call Morgan 0451 035 088 or Steve 0450 123 211 if required

First talk; Kuhen

"From Hinduism to disbelief"
Kuhen will discuss his journey from Hinduism to disbelief as a stranger in a strange land including:
1. On the origin of Hinduism
2. A Hindu by birth
3. A Humanist by belief

Second talk; Vinay
"Objectivism for everyday living"

What is Objectivism, what does it mean personally and in political life? What are the benefits and hazards of taking everything Rand (the founder of Objectivism) said literally?

and RSVP for the evening at:

Location:   Location:
The nearest station is Museum, whilst Town Hall Station is a 5 to 10 minute walk.

We do request at a minimum a couple dollar donation to cover the cost of the hall hire and any other costs we incur. We are not for profit and 100% of funds will go to operating the group.

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