Monday 11 February 2013

Upcoming Events and videos

Well Darrel Ray was a big hit, to all who missed it, you missed an awesome evening but the video should be up in the next month or so. There should be other videos coming up as presenters approve them to tide you over, see the youtube link over on the right.

We are moving to a new location for next months talk and to get a feel for the place we have been offered a free concert by the wonderful atheist Singer/Songwriter Shelley Segal. So on Saturday, February 23rd at 7pm come along to the Sydney Unitarian chapel (a secular religion if ever there was one) and rock out with Sydney atheists and Shelley Segal. Then join us after at MD Thai for dinner and discussions with our guest. Details below;

We also have a lot of Mardi Gras event in the lead-up to Mardi Gras (check the meetup), and our talks next month are going to be some very interesting ones on the continuation of human evolution and grass roots secular/skepitcal web activism.

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