Tuesday 9 August 2011

The Punch on the Census

Frank Gomez, a well known Sydney based atheist, secularist, humanist, ethics teacher and banker, wrote to day an excellent article on the cenus for The Punch. And it is not just excellent because it features www.whymarknoreligion.org, our meta FAQ on the census. And the comment section is definitely also worth a look.
Christian organisations, such as the ACL, who ask people to mark "Chrisitan" even if  they no longer practice their religion should at least be able to answer the following point that Frank raised:
If I say I am Catholic simply because I was raised Catholic, though I have not visited a church in 20 twenty years and I am deeply sceptical of the existence of a supernatural creator, then what are the Census results actually saying?
If Catholicism in particular, or Christianity in general, has become so watered down that they even ask atheists like me to mark the Christianity,  what do they stand for? Marking Christian would then become a bigger joke, than marking Jedi or Pastafarian.

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