Thursday 14 April 2011

Protests at Surry Hills Women's Clinic

Sydney Atheists in response to the erroneous reporting on the Catholic Website,, wish to advise the following:
The counter protest was initiated by Laura, who personally opposed the continued harassment of vulnerable women and the workers of the PreTerm Women's Clinic. Laura herself is not an Atheist, and not a member of Sydney Atheists. Laura was offered advice and support from Sydney Atheists. Because of a mutual interest in human rights, Sydney Atheists applied for a permit. With the permit granted, Laura has continued to organise the protest, and the protest now includes some members of Sydney Atheists.
Sydney Atheists' position on the matter of abortion and religious organisations picketing women's health clinics is as follows:
Whether to have a pregnancy terminated or not is a personal matter for a woman. A woman should be able to decide this without judgement, condemnation or undue influence in either direction. We strongly support the ideal that a woman faced with this decision should receive professional and impartial counselling from qualified medical and mental health practitioners. We condemn the use of emotional and psychological bullying used by religious organisations to influence these personal matters.

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