Wednesday 26 January 2011

Sydney Atheists Podcast Episode 9 - The Atheists' Reading List

Hosted By Dave The Happy Singer, with Jason Brown and Ian Woolf
Produced by Jason Brown

Many of the books mentioned in this episode can be purchased from Embiggen Books

Books we mentioned and topics we discussed in this episode:

The God Delusion (Dawkins)

God Is Not Great (Hitchens)

50 reasons people give for believing in a god (Guy P. Harrison)

Godless (Dan Barker)

His Dark Materials trilogy (Phillip Pullman)

The Heaven Election, starring Dave The Happy Singer as Jesus

The infamous NOMA essay can be read in "Leonardo's Mountain of Clams and the Diet of Worms" by Stephen Jay Gould

The Australian Book Of Atheism (ed. Warren Bonnett)

Jason is probably mistaken about the background of convicts on the first fleet, though details are incomplete

Primary Ethics

The High Price Of Heaven (David Marr)

Marrickville Council joins Israeli Boycott

ANSTO  and the Lucas Heights reactor

The Demon Haunted World (Sagan)

The Blind Watchmaker
The Greatest Show On Earth (Dawkins)

Why People Believe Weird Things (Shermer)

Everything You Know About God Is Wrong (Neil Gaiman)

Good Omens (Pratchett/Gaiman)

Jesus Potter, Harry Christ (pub. Holy Blasphemy)

Too bad they never made any sequels to The Matrix

Chocolat (Joanne Harris)

The Science Of Discworld series

Small Gods (Pratchett)

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