Monday 13 December 2010

Annual General Meeting 2010

Sydney Atheists Incorporated
Annual General Meeting

will be held Monday, 20 December 2010
7pm at the Broadway Lounge, corner of Broadway and Shepherd St, Chippendale.

confirmation of the minutes of the last AGM
reports on the activities of the association during the last year
election of secretary and treasurer
reception and consideration of the financial statement

All members are welcome to attend. Quorum is five members of the association. Anyone wishing to appoint another member as proxy must submit notice to the Secretary by 7pm Sunday 19 December 2010, on the form at the back of the Objects and Rules, which can be found at

Nominations for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer will be invited in person or in writing at the AGM, with the acceptance of the nominee and one other member. This means people who cannot attend the meeting may be elected if they indicate their acceptance. The duties of the Secretary and Treasurer can be found in the Objects and Rules.

A Sydney Atheists Committee meeting will be held immediately after.

attendance and apologies

acceptance of the minutes of the August meeting

action items


allocating jobs beyond the positions elected at the AGM

changing our address with the bank

authorising payment for our Annual Statement for the Department of Fair Trading

mardi gras

next meeting and regular meetings

general business

Committee members eligible to vote now and at that date will be: Kate Alway, Tim Baillie, Al Bayona, Jason Brown, Fleur Dickinson, JD Encel, Ansgar Fenkher, Andrew Lamond, Esther Trenowden and Ian Woolf. Jeff Melville will become a member and be eligible to vote if he attends on the day. Please note this is a list of Committee members, not Association members. All members of Sydney Atheists can vote at the AGM but only Committee members can vote at Committee meetings. All members are, however, welcome to attend.

Kate Alway

Sydney Atheists Public Officer

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