Saturday 6 December 2008

The Bible and Spade - a fundamentalist Biblical archaeology journal

Here is a very amusing biblical archaeology journal written from a fundamentalist/creationist perspective:
I can't tell for sure, but I think it's serious. Perhaps this is a good resource for our 6 day creationist friend Marc Kay...
Some of my favourite quotes from the 'sample issue' 19(4):2006

On that evil pseudo-science, geology:
"the Flood is a very plausible triggering mechanism for the Ice Age, which required a set of unique and simultaneous circumstances unexplainable by uniformitarian principles"

On dinosaurs and why they're no longer with us:
"The Flood or its subsequent affects serve to explain animal extinctions on a massive scale. This includes dinosaurs, which have been hijacked by the evolutionary establishment as a propaganda tool against the Scriptures. Most of the dinosaurs were simply unable to survive the adverse environmental conditions that existed after they left the Ark."

How to get around C14 dating:
"Since the Flood lasted for a period of 371 days, the carbon cycle of the entire earth was completely disrupted in a relatively short period of time. This state of affairs would drastically affect the results of C-14 dating methods as one moves back in history closer to the Flood. Rejecting the historicity of the Flood leads to erroneous assumptions built into the C-14/C-12 ratios needed to calculate dates."

And my personal favourite...
How to refute one hundred millennia of biological and social evolution in one tremendously uninformed paragraph:
"...the Tower of Babel incident (Gn 11) ... fractured the human community and sent various people groups all across the globe. Genetic distribution in human culture was vastly affected by this event. People groups were separated because they could not communicate with one another and therefore the human gene pool was split apart. Cultural identity began with similarity of language and expanded to include physical features such as skin color and various other physical, yet superficial, differences. Modern anthropology and archaeology are entrenched in a paradigm antithetical to the Biblical young earth/Flood/Babel paradigm and therefore have continuously drawn incorrect conclusions from the data in their respective fields."

Originally posted by Russell Hobson

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