Monday 8 December 2008

Some Links

Please add any others that come to mind, or post links in the comments section to grow the list.

Australian Atheist Meetup groups

Canberra Atheists Meetup
Melbourne Atheists Meetup
Adelaide Atheists Meetup
Perth Atheists Meetup
Brisbane Atheists Meetup
Atheist Foundation of Australia
Australian Skeptics

International links
The Non-Prophets
Freedom from Religion Foundation
Point of Inquiry
God Is Imaginary
Infidel Guy

TV Shows
John Safran VS God
Evolution: narrated by Liam Neeson
Space: narrated by Sam Neil
Origins: narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Penn and Teller’s Bullshit!
The Real Hustle
The People Watchers
Cosmos: Carl Sagan
Sleek Geeks
Naked Science

South Park
South Park: Imagionationland
Moral Orel

The God Who Wasn't There
The History of the Devil
Suicide Killers
Angels and Demons: Andrew Denton
God on My Side: Andrew Denton
Jesus Camp
Guns, Germs and Steel
Breaking the Spell
Friends of God
The Most Hated Family in America
Flock Of Dodos
Bloody Cartoons

Kids' books

BANG! The Universe Verse: Book 1, a scientifically accurate, rhyming comic book about the origin of the universe can be viewed, downloaded or bought in hard copy at
It's Alive! The Universe Verse: Book 2 is in progress, and can be supported at

Growing Up in the Universe
Breaking the Science Barrier
The Genius of Charles Darwin
The Blind Watchmaker
The Root of All Evil
The Root of All Evil: The Uncut Interviews
The Enemies of Reason
The Enemies of Reason: The Uncut Interviews
The Four Horsemen
Voices of reason
Appearances and Events
Voices of Science

Beyond Belief Series,
AAI (atheist alliance international) Convention
TAM (the amazing meeting)

Other Films
Apollo 13
The Ten
Magicians: Mitchell and Webb
The Golden Compass
The Life of Brian
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and TV Series

Web links

Here are some web links I have found useful.

A massive collection of statistical information, with a lot of interesting background discussion

Objective information on religions and religion-related issues, describing different viewpoints

Compendium of information, articles, and literature from a non-religious point of view

A discussion board for the non-religious

A Wikipedia article

And here are some links relating to the School Chaplaincy program: (overview, including consultation arrangements) (official program guidelines) 

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