Thursday 15 March 2018

Friday 6th April 2018
Cognitive bias as a product of evolution

Daniel Marton is a media analyst.

This evening Dan will give an entertaining, thought provoking and interactive discussion on bias - something that affects us all, though arguably affects the religious most.

He will discuss:

Why the brain exists and how it is a future predicting machine to save energy in a world of scarce resources. How it evolved to increase the chance of survival and procreation. The brain's limitations and how it overcomes these four 'problems':
Too much information to process,
Even then, too much information missing,
Decisions need to be made quickly,
There is too much to remember.

Our talk events are held at the Function Room at Club Redfern:

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The entrance is 20 metres across Gibbons Street from Redfern Station under the SPAR sign. You can walk up the stairs, the escalator or use the elevator to the 2nd floor where the club is located. The outside of the venue is shown below.

Parking is available in the shopping complex and adjacent streets.

Please have your meal in the adjacent lounge areas where there is a variety of food and drinks including Australian and Chinese meals - see the menu selection at:

Sydney Atheists look forward to welcoming everyone to a great atmosphere and experience.

Dinner is available from 5.30pm whilst the talks begin at 7.00pm. As there will be limited table space, it is preferable to have meals in the restaurant section of the club before entering the function area, though bringing drinks in will be fine
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