Tuesday 22 September 2015

Press Release

Dear Malcolm Turnbull,

Congratulations on your ascendancy in becoming Prime Minister.

We also congratulate you on your desire to advance the country and your interest in science, technology and innovation. We would like to propose the abolition of funding for School Chaplains.

As you are no doubt aware, chaplains and clergy in general spend an inordinate time dwelling on and teaching ancient outdated texts to the detriment of scientific knowledge and human advancement. It is our view that overtly or covertly, they seek to inculcate religion - belief in imaginary beings, imaginary places and imaginary afterlives - as well as backward thinking rather than rational thinking, free expression and broad respect for the evolving laws and peoples of the land.

Abolition of the Chaplaincy would save $250 million dollars and we see such expenditure as inappropriate. We encourage you to do this.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Marton
President Sydney Atheists

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