Tuesday 10 February 2015

Billboard Campaign - 
Have you escaped religion? We have!

Sydney Atheists would like to thank Billboards Australia for putting up our billboard when another billboard company declined us at the final minute. We would like to thank the Atheist Foundation of Australia for sharing in the venture to erect the billboard. We would like to thank all of the people who suggested slogans and voted on what the message should be. We would like to thank those people who made extraordinary donations to the campaign. We would like to thank our supporter members and all those people who come to our entry fee events, thereby contributing funds to make the posting of the billboard possible.

Not only did Sydney Atheists and the Atheist Foundation of Australia receive exposure on the M4 Motorway, we received coverage Australia wide through News Corp internet press, both news.com.au and the Daily Telegraph. Our billboard, interviews and press releases were covered by both theist and atheist websites from the USA to the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and probably very much more.

Collectively our websites  were seen by tens of thousands of people, the Billboard itself will have been seen by hundreds of thousands of eyeballs and the reach of the message potentially by millions of people in Australia and worldwide. AND, the campaign still has over a week to run.

Congratulations to Sydney Atheists and all those who made it possible!

Steve Marton - President


  1. Hi, The billboard is fantastic.

    I'd love to read the press coverage. Could you post links to the news articles that covered this please?

  2. Just Google "Have you escaped religion" and you will be confronted with hundreds of sites. Here are just a few:







    There are also many bloggers who have covered the billboard.

  3. Nice one guys. You are setting the bar for Atheist groups worldwide! http://www.AustralianAtheists.org