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Index of Leaked Vatican documents on Maciel

During a 2012 trip to Mexico, Benedict XVI refused to meet with victims of child sex abuse by Mariel Maciel, and his trip was overshadowed by the publication of details of the Vatican's knowledge of sex abuse by a Legionaries of Christ sex abuse victim. The new book, La Voluntad De No Saber, meaning "The will to not know" includes over 200 documents that the Vatican compiled in their investigation into Maciel.

This is an index of the documents, copied from an ex-Legion website.

La Voluntad De No Saber documents:


1May 23, 1944Grant of ordination, the bishop of Cuernavaca, the Father Marcial Maciel. (Telegram)
2May 24, 1944View that the early ordination of Marcial Maciel will not be granted.
3May 25, 1944M gr Martinez this demand early ordination of Marcial Maciel.
4May 27, 1944Refusal to grant ordination because the reasons were insufficient.
5May 9, 1945Brief assessment of the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by the Bishop of Zamora.

6June 10, 1945Father Maciel purposes of the Congregation founded by him.
7July 19, 1945The bishop of Yucatan, Fernando approves the work of Father Maciel
8July 24, 1945The Bishop of Huajapan appreciate the foundation (Jenaro)
9July 28, 1945The Bishop of Papantla blessed and appreciate the work (N. Corona)
10July 30, 1945Estimates and observations of the bishop of Saltillo, Mgr Echeverria.
11The Bishop of Leon expressed his esteem for the new congregation (M gr . Emeterio)
12August 20, 1945M gr Guizar y Valencia gave his approval for the economic support of the missionaries.
13September 6, 1945The Bishop of Zamora expressed its approval for this work. Salvador Martinez Silva.
14September 15, 1945Letter from the bishop of Guadalajara. José Garibi Rivera.
15October 2, 1945Approval of the Bishop of Tamaulipas. Serfin Maria.
16October 8, 1945RP Angel Onate inform the Sacred Heart Apostolic School of the visit in order to make the request of Nihil Obstat to the Holy See. Everything is favorable.(French copy)

17August 1, 1946Appreciation of the apostolic school by the Bishop of Aguascalientes: José de Jesus.
18April 26, 1946The bishop of Veracruz recommended for approval in the Holy See, the Work of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Sorrows.
19May 15, 1946The bishop of Cuernavaca has the Congregation of MSCJ and purposes, staffing and the economy (Francisco Gonzalez Arias)
20May 16, 1946The Archbishop of Mexico has the Institute for the canonical erection. (Luis Maria)
21September 2, 1946Report of the canonical erection of the Institute of MSCJ, because the purpose of the propagation of the devotion to the Heart of Jesus seems confused, and also because of the age of charge: Marcial Maciel.
22October 17, 1946M gr C. Cayetano, this father's father M. Maciel L. Arcadio, Undersecretary of the SCR.
23November 23, 1946Letter to Father Luis Ferreira Maciel to inform the Holy Father suggests Angel Onate as head and founder of the institute, it must make clear statements on donations, offers m. Araiza or Pancho Balmacia, instead of Father Angel Onate, Spiritan.
24November 25, 1946Lucio Rodrigo, SJ, presents his impressions Rev.Father Arcadio Larraona of Father Marcial Maciel, mature and solid piety, lack of confidence in him ideals.The work gives great expectations.

258 Jan 1947Report prayer manual. The great part is copied from other books, missal, breviary, and approved for all Christians.
268 Jan 1947Report on the Constitutions of MSCJ for the canonical erection. Missing guns. A number of changes to the text is required. Recommended: Samuele Vannie.
2713 Jan 1947MSCJ information on its members and the founder (some missing leaves)
2815 Jan 1947Father Javier Baeza expresses his opinion and appreciation for the work of MSCJ.
2916 Jan 1947Father Giuseppe di Meglio presents: Father Marcial Maciel, the work, the need for a careful assessor with experience, and fear of the founder to have a higher outside work.
3024 Jan 1947Father Lucio Rodrigo was appointed assistant MSCJ Institute.
31September 29, 1947Confidential letter to Natalia Marcial Maciel, full of new suggestions, "trusts" and requests.

321948Requests the Diocese of Cuernavaca to suspend the canonical erection of the Congregation MSCJ Mr. Maciel process (+ a page of a benefactor of the Institute Barragan)
33Feb 2.1948Father Lucio Rodrigo report on the life and observance of trainees under the responsibility of Maciel.
34Feb 27.1948The bishop of Cuernavaca, M gr Espino, this Father Maciel to concede that it is the recognition of the institute.
35March 8, 1948Father Lucio Rodrigo why this should be delayed "Nihil Obstat" of the Holy See on the foundation: the father is exhausting, totalitarian, hermetic and lack of training.
36March 16, 1948The impressions of the father Rodrigo Maciel: assume and decide. It received approval in Cuernavaca and went to Mexico and Spain. It is not clear.
37April 9, 1948Recommendation of the Bishop of Tehuantepec to the Holy See about the Apostolic Sacred Heart.
38May 27, 1948Addition to the report on Mr. Father Lucio Rodrigo Maciel: dominant interference consciousness ment. Jealous of his work, violates the secrecy of confession, "as his own hermeneutics" clever to get money: it uses the apostolic. Made false signatures, dispenses itself of everything. Lack of poverty. No austerity. Self-defensive. Hostile towards others.
39June 8, 1948Nuncio in Spain, Geatano, supports the report's father Lucio and demand that is not normal attitudes reconsidered Mr. Maciel.
40June 9, 1948Father Lucio Rodrigo insists irregularities Mr. Maciel
41June 9, 1948Report on Father Lucio Rodrigo M. Maciel: flange consciences, punishing, isolating, too rigid.Buy the ecclesiastical authorities. Made of forged documents. False accusations. Skilled people to win.
42June 12, 1948The bishop of Cuernavaca approves the work of Father Maciel. For the Congregation for Religious.
43June 13, 1948M gr Guizar think the problem comes from F. Sergio, the accusations made ​​seriously affected Maciel. PJ.Father Ferreira statement in which the charges are denied Sergio Ramirez.
44June 11, 1948Mr Araiza expressed in an exchange with Uribe's father that there is no coercion of consciences.
45June 11, 1948Three statements denying the charges made against Sergio father of Father Maciel.
46June 16, 1948Letter from Father Francisco Baeza to the Nuncio. Warns against attempts to conceal.Suggests not to approve the passage of seminarians in the work of Father Maciel.
47June 19, 1948Father Angel Onate, Spiritan, informed of his apostolic visit to MSCJVD and do not think we do not respect freedom of conscience.
48June 19, 1948M gr Fernando Ruiz, Bishop of Yucatan. Maciel assumes that his institute is based, before the decision of the Holy See. But he does not see anything else that could stop the work of Father Maciel.
49June 27, 1948The confessor Luis Yague, OCR, said Father Maciel respects the freedom of conscience of students. Letter to the bishop of Cuernavaca.
50July 3, 1948M gr Alfonso Espino denies the accusations made ​​by the father Lucio "Rodriguez".
51July 9, 1948Father Edward Gafnner (Vicar General of the Diocese of New York) certifies having met Father Maciel, who came to seek funds, with a letter from the Apostolic Nuncio. Letter addressed to the bishop of Cuernavaca.
52August 5, 1948Affidavit of Legionnaires 3: a Jesuit father had tried to warn against the Spiritual Direction with Fr Maciel.
53October 5, 1948Father Lucio Rodrigo warns M gr Cayetano Cicognani, nuncio in Spain, and invites us to consider the charges against Father Maciel.
541948The disciples of Father Maciel send to M gr Alfonso Espino a letter of explanation to defend and exonerate Maciel each charge.
55December 8 1948Maciel sends a witness and a detailed statement of facts and explanations.

56Jan 28, 1949Father Lucio Rodrigo confirms everything stated in previous reports, and denounced Maciel's ability to manipulate things to his advantage, sometimes contradicting its own decisions, producing false documents, signatures, and lie in his statement to the Holy See.

5728 Jan 1950The seminarian Rafael Cuenca University of Comillas send a report to Cardinal Luis Lavitrano the ways of the Father Maciel, from his experience as a teacher in the school of Father Maciel.
58March 10, 1950Father FJ Baeza, a professor at the University of Comillas, has made ​​3 M gr . Giovanni B. Montini (right future Pius XII and Paul VI Arm) about Maciel: forgery of the signature of the Chancellor N. York offer 25 scholarships. Lie. speed things up in order to obtain the Nihil Obstat before the arrival in Rome of reports about him and his work. Maciel uses deception to impress and to believe the attacks against him False simulated attack by a religious (Villanueva) of the Institute of Father Maciel, to enhance the prestige of the latter.
59July 7, 1948Father Lucio Rodrigo transmits information that is Father Ferreira, the bishop of Cuernavaca, Alfonso Espino.
60November 7, 1950Father Lucio Rodrigo informs M gr Arcadio Larroano on Father Maciel: Falsification of letters and signatures Mock attacks "Promotional" Force others to join his opinion Lie, wrong attitude, manipulative
61November 17, 1950Father Ferreira apologize to Father Maciel have discovered the facts and telling the truth.
6222 Jan 1950Charges Father Lucio Rodrigo Proselytism Pressing the "collective" vocations Charges with seminarians Starts at the center of everything.Coercion.
63August 12, 1951M gr Luis Guizar to Maciel: agrees to provide exemptions to order some members of the congregation, the incardinant in his diocese.
64August 13, 1951Letter from the Bishop of Santander to the Congregation for Religious why he refused to Father Maciel to found a home.
65September 17, 1951Maciel asks the SCR documents to complete the erection of the legionaries.

66June 21, 1952TL Bonscaren SJ proc. General presents the prosecution's brother Sabini Arnaiz about offenses against chastity father Enrique Carvajal. Demand justice for the father Carvajal.
67June 27, 1952Maciel wrote to the secretary of the Congregation for Religious. Proposes a date for the erection of the institute, which has no community in the Diocese of foundation and has no particular interest to found something. Since General Directorate in Rome, application depend of the diocese.
68December 23 1952The Director General and his Council MSCJ ask what their branch is established in Rome. On December 18, the permission is granted.
69December 22 1952M gr Sergio Mendez, Bishop of Cuernavaca, mgr Larraona informs that it can not determine whether Father Maciel has solved the problem of lack of center in the Diocese of Cuernavaca.
70December 22 1952Letter from the Bishop of Cuernavaca with reasons to laSCR Father Maciel to the general direction in Rome rather than Cuernavaca. Reasons for seeking approval.(Incomplete document)
7113 Jan 1953SCR decreed that the father Joaquin Madrigal, Attorney General Spiritans be assistant to the congregation MSCJ.
7215 Jan 1953Father Joaquin Madrigal wrote to Father Maciel to make available as an assistant to the congregation, at the request of the SCR.
7316 Jan 1953Father Joaquin Madrigal Spiritan, written M gr Arcadio Larraona, accepting his appointment and advising him that he has already written to Father Maciel to make its service. It proposes to inform the SCR on a regular basis.
74Copy of the questionnaire sent to the father Joaquin Maciel
7527 Jan 1953Maciel sends father Madrigal questionnaire responses, with whom he made a detailed report on the Institute.
7628 Jan 1953Maciel thanked father Larrona, secretary of the SCR, have appointed Father Joaquin Madrigal Spiritan as assistant to the Religious Institute.
77Feb 17.1953Letter to Cardinal Clemente Micara. Copy of the order appointing the father Joaquin Madrigal as religious assistant MSCJ.
78Feb 28.1953Cardinal Clemente Micara confirms having received the certificate of appointment of Father Joaquin Madrigal as religious assistant MSCJ. Letter to father Larraona, secretary of the SCR.
79Feb 23.1953Father Joaquin Madrigal Larraona father sends the first report on the Legion: Questionnaire Frequent visits to the Institute. Observed a good atmosphere and discipline, but some automation, and a lack of communication. Maciel traveled extensively, control benefactors, feels misunderstood, is cheeky and seems piles. Recruits indiscriminately
80May 9, 1953Report father Joaquin Madrigal M gr Larraona, secretary of the SCR, about Legionnaires: Origin: Mexico, and Mexico. And it is for this country that the work has been approved, but Father Maciel left the country. Founder: good spiritual appearance, but delusions of grandeur. Lack of experience, independent, egocentric feeling persecuted, he isolates and isolates its members. Economic success. It centralizes all. Purposes: they are not stable, they change. Spirit: It was inspired by the Jesuits and the Holy Ghost Fathers, with a tendency to the fervor and modernism. Almost military discipline, with miscommunication. Director: high intellectual training, good spirituality, they move like robots. Maciel will get money without puzzling, and abusing the vulnerability of donors. Gregarious risks, compromises.Secrétisme excessive. Hope: there may be many (copy in Italian)
81May 28, 1953A person whose name is not legible, informs have visited Father Maciel in clinical Salvador Mundi, as well as in the community. From these observations and a discussion with the D r . Musacogli, one could say that Father Maciel is addicted to morphine.
82September 25, 1953Luisa JC Richardson thank for taking pictures at a hearing. Letter to father Madrigal.
83August 18, 1953Sabino Arnaiz this to Father Maciel's difficulties to work with him daily, the bride and the need to find housing.
84October 3, 1953Contract between Maciel and Sabino Arnaiz

8514 Jan 1954The Bishop of Santander, at the request of Father Maciel, the Institute recommends the SCR to obtain the Decretum Laudis.
86Feb 2.1954Asked the Cardinal Valerio Valeri, prefect of the SCR, the decree of praise of the Institute of MSCJ. This request is made by the Vicar General of Rome, Clemente Micara.
87Feb 2.1954Father Maciel and his counsel have the institute and apply for the Decretum Laudis.
88Feb 8.1954Father Maciel wrote to Cardinal Valerio Valeri, asking him to Decretum Laudis and exposes the positive opinion of Cardinal Gaetano Cicognani.
89Feb 23.1954The Bishop of Frascati wrote to Cardinal Valeri, prefect of the SCR to give his best wishes for the Congregation of MSCJ, for the Decretum Laudis
90March 19, 1954Ranuro, Spiritain, wrote to Father Joaquin Madrigal, informing purposes, incurred by Father Maciel. Banquaires questions. The purpose is not clear.
91March 27, 1954Maciel denies certain clauses of the contract made by Professor Sabino Arnaiz. At the same time, it presents the requirements of the Institute.
92March 30, 1954Father Ramiro Moreno, Spiritan, wrote to Father Madrigal to inform a rich and likely benefactor. The Cumbres has unqualified masterpieces. We campaigned to recruit students. We do pay the tuition fees too high.
93April 1, 1954The Cardinal of the Congregation of the Holy Office sent to Cardinal Valeri, prefect of the SCR, the opinion of Nihil Obstat for the Institute of MSCJ, dated March 31, 1954. It also requests that the 4 th vow of the congregation is removed.
94April 30, 1954Father Ramiro Moreno wrote to Father Joaquin to inform: MSCJ fathers have no students because of the high cost of education. And the director knows nothing in schools. The college was built on land that was intended to be a hospital. There was a campaign against the construction. Report on activities for the apostolate of the Cross. Leniency application for this work.
95May 2, 1954Sabino Arnaiz made two observations Maciel: we do not respect the scheduled day of rest for the national holiday in Italy. It withdrew his books without warning. It also withdrew his room which he was entitled, in his contract.
96June 22, 1954Maciel gives the father Larraona, secretary of the SCR pro-memoria with the reasons for requesting the Decretum Laudis.
97July 17, 1954Cardinal Pizarro wrote to Father Larraona to support the approval of the work of Father Maciel. It is based on his personal impression and Mexican bishops.
98July 21, 1954M gr Larraona to Cardinal Valerio Valeri: he has a letter from Cardinal Pizarro and father Madrigal to get an answer to Father Maciel, about the approval of his work.
99September 27, 1954Mr Arnaiz Maciel sends his resignation to not receive a fair wage, and because of the bad atmosphere of the institute.
100September 27, 19541000 lire was promised by courses Sabino Arnaiz.
101Regulation teachers.
102November 12, 1954Father Madrigal to Cardinal Giuseppe Pizarro, Albano.It hosts the desire to present the Legion for their approval. He recognizes the good things, despite some things "weird" (text which appears incomplete)

103Tuition and registration for the 1955 standards.
104Feb 25.1955Maciel sends father Madrigal its questionnaire response (27-1-53). He put all the details, adding the means of training and education.
105March 5, 1955The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain meets the Maciel they have already helped a lot from 1946 to 1952, in addition to many aid they receive.Nevertheless, if possible, we will continue to help.Alberto Martin Artajo Saext.
106March 12, 1955Father Maciel at Madrigal tells him the following: scandal tuition Mexico. having a mixed staff teachers the bad effect produced by Father Maciel because of his way to conquer the civil and religious leaders to achieve its ends, avoiding that they bring fair criteria to value his work: 1 Holiness, 2 friendship. Read inform projects prior to implementation
107March 22, 1955Maciel answer questions (12 March 53) Father Madrigal (doc incomplete)
108March 23, 1955My Concepcion Lopez explains the recruitment tactics of the Cumbres Institute
109March 25, 1955Maciel responds to father Madrigal: The duty to respect the intentions of the benefactor, to justify the high fees; We follow the example of other establishment in the selection of teachers; As for ways to do abnormal with "ecclesiastical leaders," it is reverence and respect. We can not avoid criticism. Defense of his purity of intention. Maciel feels hurt. Explains about his temperament.
110July 4, 1955Professor Arnaiz wrote to Father Maciel to keep abreast of what he has received.
111November 13, 1955Sabino Arnaiz wrote a letter of accusation against Father Maciel, before the SCR: Lack of fairness and common sense. Does not fulfill its promises. Liar. Lack of charity. Contradictions ... Accuses other teachers what he says himself; Coercive attitude of Father Maciel."Oblige secret." Pay unfairly returns without notice and without compensation. Ostentatious ways, luxury, lack of poverty.
112December 7 1955Sabino Arnaiz sends reports to M gr Larraona the legionnaires and its founder.
113August 24, 1954Prosecution Federico Dominguez, lc, the bishop Fco. Orozco Lomeli, about Maciel: Father Maciel did not pray the breviary for at least 10 years Never pray; Do not celebrate the Mass every day. It does not maintain the secrecy of confession and confidences made to him. Ment, procrastinating, exaggerates and distorts the facts; Plays the protagonist and hero; Does not live poverty; Prefers to sleep in his benefactors in its communities; Criticizes the Jesuits; Makes whopping plans; holds them already made; Use of drugs that stimulate its projects

11425 Jan 1956Father Callisto Coney Cons. Prof. SC., Informs, relying on a doctor that Father Maciel is addicted to morphine.
11530 Jan 1956Professor Sabino Arnaiz accused Maciel again before the SCR injustice, lies and forge signatures.
11631 Jan 1956The case of Father Maciel was sent to the Cardinal Vicar.
117Feb 1.1956Sabino Arnaiz informed about the LC and founder: split personality; suggestion; causes veneration to own person; ment, takes drugs, uses third party.
118May 17, 1956Asked the Cardinal Valeri change the name MSCJ for the Legionaries of Christ.
119May 13, 1955The Archbishop of Mexico LM Martinez approve the name change.
120July 31, 1956Cardinal Larraona states that LC are canonically recognized and therefore has the right to acquire and possess.
121August 14, 1956M gr Sergio Arceo, bishop of Cuernavaca, M grLarraona: Father Maciel uses ways of doing crooked, lying, drugs, acts of sodomy with children. Shameless. A informants from within the SCR.
122August 23, 1956Luis Ferreira made ​​a statement to M gr Orozco Lomeli about Maciel, accusing him of: Indecent acts with children; When they come out, if it fails to retain, he bought his silence or manipulates with his health; Uses drugs and wrong to get; Lies, deception.
123August 31, 1956Bishop presents Miranda M gr Larraona, secretary of the SCR, the charges against Father Maciel: sins against the VI command, drug, manipulation, network of friends to whiten.
124September 20, 1956The father sends Larraona pro-secretary M grTardini documentation Father Maciel, with the charges and suggested to inform the Holy Father.Must be interned Maciel.
125September 21, 1956M gr Scapinelli asks M gr Angelo dell'Acqua, substitute of the Secretariat of State to send to the Apostolic Delegation in Mexico City Maciel's suspension as superior, so he retired to heal.And the father Ferreira takes charge.
126October 1, 1956M gr Scapinelli informed of the arrival in Rome of Father Maciel. The latter, with his counsel, asked what prevents the vicar and Dominguez to come to Rome.
127October 3, 1956Father Maciel to Cardinal Valerio Valeri, prefect of the SCR. Accept his resignation, and be committed. Says, presenting a doctor's report, to be healthy and be slander. This economic report of the Institute.
128October 13, 1956Appointment of Fr Anastasio of the Holy Rosary as apostolic visitor.
129October 14, 1956Rafael Cuena exemption request his greeting.Enclosure: LC response to the removal of Father Maciel, asserting that it is healthy, do not know the order of termination. The charges are evil.
130October 22, 1956Maciel sends a detailed father Anastasio, apostolic visitor report.
131November 11, 1956"Angel" sent to Cardinal Valeri appreciation on Father Maciel and his work, refuting the accusations as slander.
132November 27, 1956Father Joaquin Madrigal SCR: Information on LC. Says not to visit because of their lack of sincerity, simplicity and honesty.
136December 6 1956Report of the visit to the college by the father Anastasio SS. Rosario (seems incomplete)

133Demand higher apostolic Tlalpan, Luis Ferreira, the Apostolic Delegate to the Apostolic Visitation to take place.
134June 1957?SUMMARY OF ALL CHARGES AND PROBLEMS (1948-1956) presented to the SCR and the LC Maciel, from the following: Prosecution Father Lucio Rodrigo Prosecution of prof. Sabino Arnaiz Report father Madrigal P. Callisto Antonio Lopez Apostolic visitor
135Prosecution to Cardinal Antonio Lopez Pizarro about Maciel: feigned piety, immoral conduct, in order to get money.
137Jan 4, 1957Letter from Father Anastasio, Apostolic Visitor, informing the father Ferreira disobedience of Father Maciel, which presupposes permissions interpreting in his own way.
138Jan 21, 1957Father Maciel wrote to Father Anastasio to advise a trip to Mexico and Venezuela, in addition to the money obtained.
139Feb 11.1957Report of the apostolic visit performed in LC Rome and Spain by Father Anastasio of the Most Holy Rosary. At the same time, he asked to be relieved of the Apostolic Visitation, request that a senior is named for the Institute to monitor the founder, Father Maciel. In the report: Many irregularities The legionaries were coached not to tell the truth Spiritual rigorous, demanding, pious controlled ... fanaticism. Incomplete economic reports Piety and insufficient training, brilliant, clever, adored.
140Feb 23.1957Letter from Apostolic Nuncio Luigi Raimondi the prefect of the SCR. Request an apostolic visit to the centers in Mexico by Father Anastasio, or called a visitor to Mexico.
141March 2, 1957Response to the Apostolic Nuncio in Mexico: Appoint an apostolic visitor Install the Directorate General in Mexico Father Maciel should remain suspended from duty
142March 2, 1957Maciel request permission to travel to find the money for his work.
143March 25, 1957A medical certificate of Dr. Eugenio Alonso. "Colic".Appendix: Certificate teacher Galeazzi: Healthy and normal (3 October 56)
144March 25, 1957The Apostolic Delegate Luigi Raimondi informed Cardinal Valeri the agreement of Cardinal Miranda to transfer the Directorate General of SC in Mexico, but in the Diocese of Cuernavaca. He informed that the founder is clever and intriguing, handles all the bishops It is better to leave the Directorate General in Rome and prohibit the entry of new vocations.
145April 1, 1957A medical certificate of Dr. Ramon Suarez, surgeon.Urtiquaire and problems in the genital tract.
146April 26, 1957Note the father's father Anastasio Rousseau + interrogation: Madrigal's father, the father and the father Anastasio Ferreira
147May 1, 1957Letter of Father Luis G., LC's father Anastasio for information on Father Maciel: Father Maciel will get money and does not inform its use.Cuenca's father supports secretly with lies.
148May 2, 1957The Apostolic Delegate Luigi Raimondi Cardinal Valeri present in the names of candidates to the apostolic visit to LC.
149June 8, 1957LC response to accusations made by Professor Sabino Arnaiz against Father Maciel, the Cardinal Valeri.
150September 11, 1957Father Luis Ferreira wrote the Apostolic Delegate of Mexico as Legionnaires brothers act without consulting him and do not obey him. He asked out of the LC.
151September 13, 1957The Apostolic Delegate Luigi Raimondi to Cardinal Valeri, prefect of the SCR: Report of the letter from Father Ferreira, who asked to leave the congregation, and the attitude of the LC against him.
152September 15, 1957Letter M gr Guizar Valencia Cicognani, defending his nephew, Father Maciel, the charges against him are made.
153September 20, 1957Federico Dominguez, lc, the Secretary of the SCR: demand a dispensation from his vows. Promises discretion on the issue LC .
154November 4, 1957M gr Alfredo Bontempi submit a report to the center of the Legionaries in Rome, by order of the SCR.
155November 6, 1957Father Luis Ferreira, LC, M gr Arcadio Larraona, asks for help after receiving threats Maciel if he does not withdraw his statements. Maciel gets all the information, even confidential. It violates the privacy of correspondence and flange freedom in manipulating consciences.
156November 8, 1957M gr Rafael, Bishop of Lugo, M gr Alfredo Bontempi.Expresses its appreciation and admiration for the LC.
157November 13, 1957Father Luis Ferreira retracts.
158December 12 1957Father Van Polidoro Vlieerberghs to Cardinal Valeri: favorable assessment of the LC, after his visit to the homes of Mexico and Spain. (Appendix: report meets all the accusations against Father Maciel).

15915 Jan 1958The father's father Anastasio Larraona, secretary of the SCR. Judgment on the report of the second apostolic visitor: The visitor, more than a report, made a controversial defense against the father Anastasio The visitor observes the chaos in the canonical and administrative compliance of LC, with some kindness Maciel can manipulate visitor and ecclesiastical authorities Fanaticism and obstinacy not to tell the truth.
16024 Jan 1958Father Alfredo Bontempi, apostolic visitor LC, offers a report on his visit to the community of Rome. Positive.
161March 25, 1958Judgment of the Constitutions of the LC by LM Berti, OSM
162April 5, 1958Ratio of a given by Father Ferreira information (it is not clear to whom he compared) to say everything he has said and reiterate its proposal support.
163May 7, 1958Reviews consultants SCR on Father Maciel, LC, signed by Joseph Rousseau.
164September 10, 1958Opinions and proposals for solutions to problems, and the situation of Father Maciel. Must be furnished to the office of Chief Executive? His institute should continue? Signature: P. MOZZICARELLI
165Feb 7.1959Ernesto Gomez Tagle, headmaster sends a report to M gr Larraona. There is a demand "contract cancellation" M me  Josefina Vda of Gandarillas.Maciel does not appear at trial and refused to give his address.
166April 20, 1959Ernesto Gomez Tagle informs M gr Larraona that Father Maciel, in the case of M me  Josefina Gondarilla refuses to appear, is justified not to do and say the LC does not know this.
167October 15, 1959Gregory Lemercier send various documents to M gr Arcadio Larraona: The report of his interview with the father Ferreira. And other LC to verify the charges. Father Ferreira letter to the bishop of Yucatan (19 June 1956)

168March 3, 1960Josefa Vda of Gandarilla wrote to the Holy Father for justice, for damage caused by Father Maciel and the Legionaries not fulfill their part of the contract and will corrupt.

169December 26 1961Father Paolo Polidoro Van Vlieerberghs Philippe Op Sec. The SCR. Expresses that it is fair to give the order for the LC for three reasons: They lack only 7 professed religious of the 100 required, they have many vocations Repair the damage done to Father Maciel, for all false accusations. Stimulate work.

170March 28, 1962The pharmacist D. Manuel Perez de Castro, vice president of Col. Official Pharmacy oath to the bishop of the Diocese of San Sebastian Maciel uses drugs that affect his personality. He needs help to administer (complicity) Promises to go to Madrid (Maciel) to be interned, but went to a hotel for 5 days. It has four accomplices who give false names and addresses, promise to bring the prescription
171March 28, 1962SCR presents the problem to the Pope to find a solution to Father Maciel, the view of his morphine addiction. He was presented with the facts and the statements of doctors.
172April 27, 1962Report on a new scandal in which Maciel is involved in Spain this time, Father Maciel was shipped by the police for drug use. The ecclesiastical authorities cover Maciel. Maciel trying to bribe police.
173May 12, 1962M gr Diego Bugallo Fita, the Cardinal Amleto Cicognani, defending Father Maciel. He says it is unjust persecution.
174October 18, 1962A father to M gr Garibi y Rivera, the Pio LA Rome, expressed his surprise to see that is not involved in the Maciel case. Worse, when they know the facts, the bishops going to Rome are hosted in LC.

175May 17, 1963Father Maciel to the secretary of the SCR Pablo Philip, op. He informs the project plans and staff of the University will be built.
176August 30, 1963Father Maciel to the prefect of the SCR Hildebrando Antoniutti. He informs his visit to Rome, offers membership and be informed business in Mexico.
177September 19, 1963Father Maciel to the prefect of the SCR Hildebrando Antoniutti. It outlines the oppositions that meets his university projects. Appendix: A Bishop of Leon. Do with the Mexican bishops. The need for another university does not jeopardize the existence of the LC.They have the means.
178July 14, 1964Pro memoria summarizing the reports of visitors as well as facts about Maciel, developed by Father Anastasio of the Most Holy Rosary. This is the state that has intervened secrétairie for Maciel.
179October 10, 1964Favorable opinion of the consultant SCR Lazaro Osborne to obtain the Decretum Laudis and the Pontifical opprobation LC.
180November 24, 1964Joanner Barolus, the Cardinal Archbishop of Dublin Hildenbrando Antonuitti in favor of the Decretum Laudis for LC.

1811 st July 1965Antonuitti Cardinal, Prefect of the SCR Decree grants the LC.

182August 25, 1976Juan Jose Vaca Rodriguez asks for pardon of secularization.
183June 12, 1978Father Bonaventure Gangi, responding to a news article (1977) expresses what a community and justifies the "solitude".
184August 6, 1979The Apostolic Delegation of the USA, through Bishop John Todad has the following documents with serious charges, the secrétairie the SCR:
July 25, 19791. The Bishop of Rockville Centre John R.Megan, for information Juan Vaca demand an investigation into Maciel.
December 14 19782. Juan Vaca confesses having suffered sexual abuse for 13 years, and have been forced by him not to talk.
October 20, 19763. Juan Vaca accused Maciel for his abuse scandals and irréligiosités
Feb 14.19794. The psychiatrist Juan Vaca present the report to the chancelerie. He tells the truth of the facts
December 24 19785. Felix Alarcon demonstrates the veracity of Juan Vaca to Bishop Mc Gann, and recognizes also have been sexually abused by Maciel.
June 21, 19796. Chancellor Alejandro (John) present the testimony of Felix Alarcon in question, where it is about sexual abuse of seminarians and drug use on the part of Father Maciel.
March 3, 19767. CV Father Juan Vaca, lc
September 30, 19718. Qualifications father Juan Vaca, at the Gregorian University.
Jan 15, 19799. CV Juan Vaca, secularized
August 25, 197610. Baptismal Father Juan Vaca
October 8, 198211. A letter from Chancellor John Alejandro to Cardinal Pironio informing the bishop accepts the father Juan Vaca "ad experimentum"
July 16, 197612. P. John E. Murria, Dir. Pers. In Maciel: to inform the decision of the Bishop Mc Gann host father Vaca experimental period.
July 13, 197613. Juan Vaca LC at Maciel, application former confinement.
September 30, 197914. Jesus Correl statement of facts, charges, leaving the benefit of the doubt Maciel.

1982 - 1984
185May 3, 1982Father D. Huot observations to the SCR of the Constitutions of the LC
July 17, 1982Innocenzo M. Cavaglia gives its judgment on the Constitutions of the LC
May 31, 1983Congress has the advice given by various consultants. These Constitutions are not consistent with the spirit of the Council: pessimistic and developed solely by the founder.
186April 13, 1983Father Maciel to Cardinal Pironio. He begs to obtain approval of the Constitutions, and that does not touch anything in his ideas.
187June 25, 1983Cardinal Pironio note on the Constitutions of the LC.Congress demand changes, but respects the decision of the founder. Submit the decision to the Pope.
188June 25, 1983Cardinal Pironio Mons. Stanislaw Dziwisz, private secretary to the Pope, requesting approval of the Constitutions of LC for June 29
189June 28, 1983Letter from John Paul's personal secretary, Monsignor Stanislaw Dziwisz, to the prefect of the Congregation for Religious, with the pope's approval of the Legion's constitutions, despite Vatican reservations that they include too many rules.
190Jan 31, 1984Javier Garcia, lc, writing articles for the Encyclopedia of Mexico, the Legionaries of Christ.
191August 23, 1987Joseph O'Connor informs and sends an article to Cardinal Jerome, SCR, the "loss of the Catholic Church" economic, because of scandals morals, sex, bombs, fire ... Situation of the Church in the USA.
192May 12, 1989Father Maciel to Cardinal Jerome Hamer (with two annexes) to clarify the Holy Father errors in the Constitutions were committed by external collaborators and seeking approval: Explains the vow of fidelity and charity Terms resignation of senior

193November 1992Article by John Harvey on scandals in the U.S. affecting religious priests.
194November 29, 1992Article "Corriere the will" of homosexual priests.
195July 4, 1993Article in "Adista" publication of a letter from Pope to U.S. bishops about scandals. Supports, guides.Enclosure: specific case of pedophilia.
196Jan 12, 1994Father Arturo Reynoso, Spiritan, commented on invalid standards set in the Constitutions of the LC. (It lacks some of the text)
197Articles on the silence of the Church to sexual abuse.
December 4 19961. About Father Maciel: "the current"
June 10, 19962. By Gerald Renner. On coercion and intimidation in the formation of LC.
Jan 15, 19983. Prosecution Mas and G. Elsbeth, parents of a novice LC, the LC methods and accusations out in the press victims of Maciel.
Feb 23.1997Appendix: publication dates, methods, according to the Hartford Courant.
October 17, 1997Historical Annex education Maciel
198December 4 1996Secretary Bruno Bertogeni this letter parents Elsbeth the Secretary of the SCR, M gr Pergiorgio Silvano
199Article translated from a French article by Marcel Clement "New Hope for Evangelization" (New Man)
Feb 23.1997"The head of an international Catholic congregation charged with a history of abuse", Section G. Renner and Jason Berry in the Hartford Courant.
March 12, 1997"The Legion claims that Maciel's accusers are grumpy conspirators" by G. Renner and Jason Berry.
March 21, 1997"Is that stories of sexual abuse deserve to be the one?" By Elissa Papirno
March 12, 1997"The silence of the Vatican on charges of sexual abuse" by Jason Berry and Gerald Renner
200May 4, 1997Accusations of sexual abuse against Father Maciel. Hartford Courant investigation.
201July 13, 2001Circular Father Maciel, on the occasion of 15 years of approval of the Constitutions.
202Jan 21, 1999Article by Sandro Magister in Espresso. Loyal to the Pope, a little mysterious, growing.Accusations of Father Maciel.
203April 11, 1999Esther Maria Sousa sends urgent issues concerning the Rules and Constitutions in the Regnum Christi Movement. Deplores the death of a member of the movement.
204April 17, 1999Esther Maria Sousa. Asked Father Luis Garza investigate the evictions and the death of members of the movement. No training on marriage.
205March 2000Golias, from the pen of Christian Terras, provides a summary of the LC and violation of Father Maciel.
206March 22, 2002"La Republica" published an article by Marco Paliti on pedophilia priests condemned by the Holy Father.
207Set of documents on the case of Father Maciel, accusing the Church for his silence:
April 17, 20021. "Milenio" publishes an article by Eugenia Jimenez Glz, in which she argues that the Mexican Catholic Church and the Vatican know the problem of the founder of LC.
April 16, 20022. Defy the Vatican to review the matter of Father Maciel and his victims.
April 17, 20023. Article by Juan Rodriguez Tovar in "Milenium" the taboo of father Maciel.
April 17, 20024. Leopoldo Gomez, vice president of the news tells in "Milenium" he did not fear the threat of boycott made by anonymous in the Maciel case.
April 17, 20025. Defense of Father Maciel about charges. Article by Richard John Neuhaus in "Milenium".
April 17, 20026. Declaration of the Legionaries of Christ face charges made by former legionnaires against Father Maciel.
Feb 27.20027. Oscar Rey is a review on the book of Alfonso Torres Robles, the LC and its founder. He accuses the book to participate in the plot.
208Economic Report of the Cumbres Institute, written by Father Maciel.
209Letter of Father Maciel, apologizing for neglecting certain indications, and turns to the top hierarchy level.
210An incomplete judgment, without indication of who wrote or who.
211Photos of legionnaires.
212Manual of the Legionaries of Christ.

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