Sunday 11 August 2013

Friday September 13 talks will be:
First talk;
Professor George Paxinos
Professor Paxinos is a NHMRC Australia Fellow, NeuRAVisiting/Conjoint Professor of Psychology and Medical Sciences at the UNSW. His main areas of research and interest involve the structure of the brain of humans and experimental animals.
Humans: Without a soul, without free will and with leftovers of a reptilian brain
Synopsis;Professor Paxinos will question the soul in philosophical, psychological and neurological terms. He will also discuss the gains to be made from the acceptance that there is no free will. Finally he will question the intellect that fails to acknowledge the CO2 sarcophagus.
Second talk;
Peter Furness
Peter has had considerable community involvement over many years. He was a councillor on South Sydney City Council, serving as deputy mayor for three years. In 2004 Peter co-founded Australian Marriage Equality and was its National Convenor for a number of years. 
Secular Charities
Peter is seeking to establish an atheist/humanist benevolent organisation. Such organisations already exist in the UK and the US but not necessarily in Australia. 
Please note that the dinner and talks will both be at the one venue, First Floor Strattons Hotel, 249 Castlereagh Street Sydney.
Dinner will be available from 6.00pm whilst the talks will begin at 7.00pm.
You will be able to eat before or during the talks. We will also have a 15 minute intermission. This venue affords us much in the way of social possibilities as well as the talks. Please note that catering will not be available after 8.30pm. Meals are available from $10.00.

Location: 249 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW
The nearest station is Museum, whilst Town Hall Station is a 5 to 10 minute walk. Cheap parking is available at 730 George Street, $9 flat rate 6 mins from the meetup hotel.

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