Tuesday 23 July 2013

Did God create man or did Man create god?

Friday 23rd of August

At Theatre 7 at the University of NSW Central Lecture Block (CLB7)

On Friday the 23rd of August Sydney Atheists will debate the Muslim Students Association and the Islamic Awareness Forum of NSW at the University of NSW

Their side will be represented by:

Uthman Badar. Uthman is a well known speaker, writer and activist within the Muslim community. A student of the Islamic sciences as well as a current candidate for a PhD in Economics, Uthman is actively involved in public discourse surrounding religion, politics and social affairs. He regularly lectures at universities and debates within the fields of religious and theistic apologetics.

Faraz. Faraz is an activist within Sydney's Muslim youth community, and has been actively involved with campus activism for several years. A graduate of combined Economics and Law, Faraz is an economics consultant and a student of religious apologetics, including theist/atheist and inter-religious discourse. He has a keen interest in the Quranic sciences and has also debated at the state and other representative levels.

Sydney Atheists will be represented by:

Steve Marton. Steve is the President of Sydney Atheists, and an event organiser. Steve has a particular interest in the Abrahamic religions . He is the author of "The Man who created God".

Aleks Zablotskii: Aleks is a speaker for Sydney Atheists, researcher and amateur essayist; focused primarily on the subjects of religiosity and totalitarianism.

The debate will be: Did God create man or did Man create god?

The moderator for the evening will be Dr Andrew Morrison SC. Andrew is a barrister (Senior Counsel) at Wardell Chambers in Sydney. He specialises in alternative dispute resolution and medical/professional negligence cases. He holds a PhD and has published various papers, as well as holding membership of various institutes. Andrew has served as both a Supreme and District Court Arbitrator as well as an acting judge.

Please RSVP on our website: http://www.meetup.com/sydneyatheists/events/130863342/
If subsequently you find that you are unable to attend, please update your RSVP so that others have the opportunity to attend.

Attendees will be able to assemble from 6.15 and we ask that everyone is seated by 6.45. Seating will be determined on the basis of arrival time. The debate will commence between 6.45 and 7.00pm and end between 9.30 and 10.00pm.

 There will not be a fee or donation required at this event.

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