Wednesday 10 April 2013

Monthly talk

Well it is that time again, this Friday is the Sydney atheist monthly talk. All are welcome, but if you are religious and have come to preach or proselytise then please don't interrupt the speakers and be prepared to have your arguments torn apart.

This Months talks will be:

"Is atheism a religion" - Peter Crawford
Synopsis;Peter is a speaker from the Unitarian church, his talks have been performed for the Unitarians for some time, this is the first time he will be speaking to Sydney atheists.

"The Cult of personality"  - Morgan
Synopsis; Religion knows that if you get people to revere a central figure then you can build this figure up and even lie to make people do what you want, is it possible this has leaked out of religion?

There will be an additional meetup posted for a pre-talk dinner at a nearby restaurant, please RSVP to that meetup if you are going to that at least 2 days prior to allow for accurate numbers to be communicated to the restaurant.
Nearest station is Museum. If you cross the park keeping Liverpool street to your right and the war memorial to your left once you have crossed the park you will see the Hyde Park Plaza, to the left of that is Francis street, a short way down Francis is the Unitarian church, we will meet in either the Chapel or hall depending on numbers of attending and availability.

We do request at a minimum a couple dollar donation to cover the cost of the hall hire and any other costs we incur, we are not for profit and 100% of funds will go to operating the group.

There has been some concern we are holding this in a church. The Unitarians are only nominally religious about 20% believers in Christ. Some of Sydney atheists own members are Unitarian and some of the Unitarians we have met are non-believers.

The other issue is of cost and welcoming attitude; we have used venues before that have not been so accepting of atheists, one waiter tore down our signs at one location, while we were still there. Others still have simply told us they don't want us, and most want to charge upwards of $500 per event. If you think you have access to a better location, central, close to public transport and not overly expensive to hire please let us know via the contact button at the top of the site.

Please note that some people have asked for a change of menu for the dinner, so it is now being held at  La Pesa Trattoria.

Meetup event:
Pre-talk dinner:

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