Sunday 27 February 2011

Sydney Atheists Podcast Episode 11 - Addressing Our Critics

Since episodes 9 and 10 appeared, a couple of critics have emerged to question the team. So in this episode, we discuss and respond to our critics.
Download episode 11 here
First, jokes: What constitutes acceptable subject matter for a joke? An anglican minister from Neutral Bay takes exception to a joke posted on twitter by Jason, and the whole team respond, with hilarious results
Second, nuclear medicine: Are the Australian greens pro or anti-nuclear medicine? Does their policy mean what a candidate from QLD says it means? Ian has done the research.
Note: The Greens were approached for an interview on this subject but were unresponsive
If you're offended by jokes, or have a dogmatic position on nuclear policy, you may want to go listen to another podcast, just until the next episode emerges.

As ever, the opinions expressed by the team do not reflect the opinions of Sydney Atheists Inc, a non-profit body registered in NSW.
George Carlin: Rape can be funny:
The vagina joke:
Greens nuclear policy:

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