Monday 23 November 2009

proposed version 2 of the sa objects and rules, for ratification at the agm

here's the formatted version of what we hammered out yesterday. i've tweaked a few more minor bits, corrected grammar, reconciled bits relating to changes elsewhere, and rearranged the sections better than we could in a noisy pub at the end of four hours of work. i've also taken the public officer out of the category of officebearers where we put it yesterday, as  with my understanding of the position as we were discussing it, none of the clauses under that heading actually apply to it. this is borne out in the existing rules.

 i'm satisfied that what we came up with is fairly representative of what we want, considering there were about ten of us working on it, and i don't think any of the changes i've made will be controversial, so hopefully people will be happy and it will pass easily. today is the last day to put proposals on notice for the agm, so it looks like this will be the only one made. however if any amendments need to be made on the day, that will be possible.


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