Sunday 1 March 2009

Mardi Gras is upon us!

Hi all, at a committee meeting a while ago, almost the whole room put up your hands indicating you would march in the mardi gras if we made a float. Well since then, I've heard from very few of you, while a few of us have done all the hard work and provided you with a float. Now don't let all that go to waste, all that you need to do is RSVP, and show up on saturday. And read all of this:
mardi gras is now less than a week away! please read this email carefully, it contains everything you need to know.

firstly, please rsvp to or 0417450802, even if you did earlier, to let me know who to expect and that you've gotten all the information below. please give me you mobile number too, it'll make life a lot easier once there are ten thousand people trying to get into the marshalling booth!

the day will be saturday, march 7. we will be meeting by 4.30 on Pitt St, near Goulburn St, outside the Mandarin Club. please don't be late, or more chaos will ensue and you may be left behind. we have been allocated in the last timeslot for registration, so if we don't do everything smoothly at that point, we will be locked out.

NewQ will be open from early for last minute work on the buses, and a group will leave there at 3.30 to travel in together, with the buses. it will be good if a number of people can be there, to help handle all the buses.

you'll need to record these details:
our float is number G11 and we are the Sydney Atheist Bus Campaign.
in case you can't find us or anything happens, contact kate 0417450802 or frank 0421618534.

we're not specifying a dress code, but it would be good if people who have Sydney Atheists tshirts would wear them. if you don't, they're still being sold for $20 and we can bring one for you on the day, so if anyone is interested in buying one let me know and we can talk sizes, colours and slogans.

as one of the later floats, it will be a long night. we can expect to be finishing around 11pm. this means you need to bring enough food and water and weather-appropriate clothes for quite a long time waiting in the street, but remember you will need to carry everything you bring.

i also have to tell everyone that the entirety of mardi gras will be an alcohol free zone, it's a public event and you may be photographed, and that the parade will be broadcast live - but only on foxtel, pay per view. i can send you the official email about how to register for that, if you're interested.

meanwhile, NewQ will be open again today (Sunday 1/3) for more bus making. nine buses are coming along nicely, but we still need harnesses, a banner and some painting. see you there!

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