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Our Goal is to move beyond concepts like religion, gods and atheism and simply be able to interact as decent, considerate human beings

We aim to bring our goal about by doing the following things:

  • Until the day it is no longer needed, embracing the label “atheist” and wearing it as a badge of honour

  • Peacefully and constructively explaining to others why religion is harmful

  • Explaining how atheism provides a better way

  • Articulating and living our ethics on an everyday basis

Only by doing these things can we build the positive secular communities that we wish to see.


This website is intended to provide a resource for Sydney Atheists to help us do the four things set out above so we can achieve our goal of a religion free society. It is a tool for participating in building positive secular communities, learning how to bring the atheist point of view to into everyday life, meeting up with other friendly atheists and having some fun celebrating existence.

A quick introduction to our views


We believe that religion is a natural phenomenon, not a supernatural one. It was created by human beings a long time ago to help explain the world around us and how we should live in it.

But religion’s explanation of the world has long been superceded by science. More importantly, religion causes harm. By privileging faith over reason, it prevents us from solving our differences constructively. It can also limit the ways in which we express our sense of wonder and joy at the very fact of life (what some call “spirituality”).

A better way

We need a framework for living that is grounded in the natural, not the supernatural. We must understand the world and solve the problems we face together using reason and compassion, not dogma. We also want to encourage creativity and diversity in how we respond to the wonder of life.

Our actions

Our actions are about building positive secular communities by showing how we can be good without God. This involves constructively engaging in social issues and activities by bringing the atheist point of view. It also means getting together with likeminded people, having some fun and celebrating life.

Also see the FAQ

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